Run Run Rabbit Tote Bag – Hand-printed

Image of Run Run Rabbit Tote Bag – Hand-printed

Over the years I have dabbled in printing my woodcuts onto textiles. It's been a little hit or miss and I was determined to successfully create some gorgeous, high quality tote bags this year (aka utilitarian art!).

I hand-printed this Running Rabbit on 100% cotton colored fabric and attached it via iron-on applique with additional stitching. (Boo-yah – reaching way back to the days when I had some sewing skills, ahem.)

Printing on fabric can be a bit tricky – a good impression has a lot to do with the weave and texture of the fabric. So, with a lot of trials and tribulations, I am happy to present these stunners to you!

I'm picky about the style and quality of the tote bags I use – when I came across this beautiful grey color, I fell in love!

These bags are heavy weight 100% Recycled Cotton Canvas. Very sturdy. And Durable. And extra roomy (gussets!) They measure 18"wide by 14" tall with a gusset that expands over 5.5". Now that's a lot of bag. The handles are a generous 20".

Made with Love.
Perfect gift for anyone who shops (lol).

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