'Wonderment' Hand-painted heirloom ornament

Image of 'Wonderment' Hand-painted heirloom ornament

A hand-painted beauty just for you!
[Limited Quantities! Don't wait!]

The ornaments on my own Christmas tree are very special to me and it's our family tradition to make new ornaments every year.

Each of these ornaments is a HAND-PAINTED wooden gem – created with watercolor paint and sealed with a satin acrylic finish. The edges and back are a beautiful, shimmery gold and I topped each ornament off with a red velvet ribbon. OO-la-la!

We live most of the year in a suburban neighborhood, and so do the deer! Yes, it is quite common to see several deer meandering up the street or resting in our neighbors' yards. Some might find them to be pests (they do eat gardens!), but I am always struck by their beauty. Their eyes seem to hold a feeling of wonderment.

This ornament is approximately 3.5" wide x 3.5 high. As with all hand-painted creations, individual ornaments will differ slightly.

In the spirit of the holidays, these ornaments ship FREE to the US.

I am custom painting each one and will ship within 5 days of your order.